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Student Support Services/Special Education

Please contact if you need help with:

Understanding your rights as a parent of a child with a disability please refer to the Parental Rights in Special Education in Vermont, refer to this resource from The Vermont Family Network's Fact Sheet for Parents Rights in Special Education, and contact Susan Bruhl at or a special educator at your child’s school.

A special education evaluation please contact the Special Education Coordinators, Melissa Starr at  or Alice Emmell at 

Your child’s 504 plan or eligibility for section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1975, please contact the building principal where your child attends or Susan Bruhl at

Transportation for your child with a disability contact your child’s case manager.

Universal PreK Programs, please visit the Addison County UPreK website or contact Meg Baker, the Universal PreK Coordinator at

Questions regarding Universal PreK application and funding contact Rachel Cornellier at or Meg Baker at 

Scheduling an IEP meeting or a re-evaluation of my child-those are scheduled by Rachel Cornellier. If you have questions about when these meetings occur or are due for your child please contact or 802-453-6951.

Not finding what you are looking for? Please contact your child’s classroom teacher or someone on the Student Support Services Team.