Message from the Superintendent


The Mount Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD) is nestled in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Vermont between Burlington and Middlebury. The district is rural and serves over 1,300 students PK-12. MAUSD is a vibrant learning community with dedicated, intelligent, accepting students and hard working, caring, passionate educators.  As superintendent, when I visit schools I see great things happening within and across our classrooms.  I see students supporting and challenging each other’s thinking.  I see teachers supporting one another’s growth as professionals.  I see administrators taking steps to create safe and welcoming environments.  I see a district who is leading the way in articulating what we want our students to know and be able to do and offering flexible pathways for students to acquire knowledge and skills.  

As I connect with our community through various meetings, appointments and committees I see a community that cares deeply for their students, their schools and one another.  I see fans cheering from the sidelines of athletic competitions. I see theater performances in front of packed auditoriums.  I see schools filled with people during open houses.  I see a list of volunteers literally hundreds of names long.  I see large meeting places filled with people who want to understand and help solve complex challenges.  

I consider myself fortunate to be working with such a great staff and community in service to an amazing student body.  For those who live and work here, thank you for helping to make MAUSD such a wonderful place.  For those considering working or living here I look forward to meeting you one day.  


Patrick J. Reen



Superintendent Patrick Reen