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MAUSD/ANWSD Merger Study Committee

Committee Charge: 
ANWSD & MAUSD agree to form a study committee (per 16 VSA ss706) to analyze the advisability of forming a union school district.  The Committee’s work ideally will be completed within a timeframe that will allow a vote on a proposed plan by Town Meeting Day 2022. 
Committee Members
ANWSD Representing Email MAUSD Representing Email
Carole McBride Addison Dustin Corrigan Bristol
Martha DeGraaf* Panton Kevin Hanson Bristol
Mary Neffinger Ferrisburgh Mari-Kate Kelley* Monkton
Keith Morrill Vergennes Stephanie Rossier Lincoln
Rebecca Coffey Vergennes Brad Johnson Starksboro
Erica Andrus Ferrisburgh Dave Sharpe Bristol
John Stroup
Board Chair Ed McGuire New Haven
Sheila Soule
Superintendent Troy Paradee Bristol
      Sara LaPerle New Haven
      Dawn Griswold
Board Chair
*Co-Chairs     Patrick Reen
MAUSD/ANWSD Joint School Board Meeting