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MAUSD/ANWSD Merger Study Committee

Committee Charge: 
ANWSD & MAUSD agree to form a study committee (per 16 VSA ss706) to analyze the advisability of forming a union school district.  The Committee’s work ideally will be completed within a timeframe that will allow a vote on a proposed plan by Town Meeting Day 2022. 
Committee Members:
Troy Paradee (Bristol): community member
Dustin Corrigan (Bristol): Mt Abe staff member
Dave Sharpe (Bristol): current Board member
Kevin Hanson (Bristol): current Board member
Ed McGuire (New Haven): community member, former Mt Abe staff member, former Board member
Sarah LaPerle (New Haven): current Board member
Brad Johnson (Starksboro): current Board member
Marikate Kelley (Monkton): former Board member
Stephanie Rossier (Lincoln): Mt Abe staff member
2021-2022 Agendas
2021-2022 Minutes
MAUSD/ANWSD Joint School Board Meeting