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MAUSD Facilities Planning/FAQ's

Thank you to the 1,655 people who completed the recent survey on facilities plans for the Mount Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD).  A presentation of a summary of the results, prepared by the Center for Rural Studies, was shared with the School Board  at a meeting on January 20,2021.  You can find a link to the presentation and summary here .  The raw data from the survey will be posted soon, along with a video recording of the meeting. 
Thank you for your ongoing participation in these important conversations about the future of our District.
MAUSD School Board
Facilities Planning Informational Meetings-12/16 & 12/17/2020
Brief Outline of MAUSD Financial/Facilities Situation-click here.
12/7/2020 Special Board Meeting

Dear Five Town residents,


The Mount Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD) is facing significant financial challenges as a result of declining enrollment and increasing fixed costs.  The School Board recognizes that changes to the way we operate our District must take place in order for us to continue providing our students with the education they deserve.  Several different scenarios are being considered to help address these challenges.  We are seeking community input on these scenarios through an anonymous survey which is being mailed to each resident next week.  You can also access the survey electronically here: 


The School Board will be meeting on January 20 to discuss which facilities planning option to pursue.  This meeting will include a review of data from the community survey.  Your input is very important to us.   Please complete this survey by January 10, 2021 so that your feedback can be considered by the Board.


Thank you.


MAUSD School Board

Community Communication Regarding the 12/7/2020 Special Board Meeting


Thank you to the over 250 community members who attended last night's MAUSD School Board meeting, at which Superintendent Patrick Reen presented a recommendation for the future of our schools.  A recording of this meeting will be posted to NEAT TV in the next couple of days and until then, you can find it here (with passcode: 5+$GoD.+) .  In addition, here is the slideshow and script of the presentation by Superintendent Reen.  This presentation includes some historical context about our school district, an inspiring video that invites us to think about possibilities and potential for growth, and the financial impact of the different options that the Board is considering.  


If you were unable to attend the meeting last night, there will be two more opportunities to hear about Superintendent Patrick Reen's recommendation: December 16 from 9-11am and December 17 from 6-8pm.  Zoom links to these meetings can be found on the MAUSD website on the School Board calendar:  In addition, you can submit questions about this process via email [] and they will be answered and posted to this Frequently Asked Questions page:


Your feedback is incredibly valuable to the Board as it contemplates next steps.  A survey will be sent electronically on December 16 and by mail soon after to all Five Town residents about the options presented by Superintendent Reen as well as his proposed recommendation.  Please be sure to complete this survey so that your input is considered.


Thank you.


The MAUSD School Board

Hello, Five Town residents.
The MAUSD Administration and School Board are continuing their work on developing a long-range facilities plan for our school district. Below is a graphic to demonstrate where we are at in the process and the places for community engagement. There will be a Board meeting on Monday, December 7 at 6pm at which the Superintendent will provide detailed information about different scenarios and share the option that he recommends the Board pursue. The Zoom link for this meeting is listed on the school board calendar at and is also hyperlinked in the graphic below. We have created a Frequently Asked Questions page to capture many of the questions that have already been raised about this work: Community members are welcome to submit additional questions to
Please check the MAUSD website regularly for updates on this process as well as highlights from previous board meetings. Thank you for your support of our schools and participation in these important conversations.
The MAUSD School Board