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About Me

I have an unwavering belief, since I first entered education, that all students belong and it's our purpose as educators to nurture each child's unique gifts and talents. Ross Greene, a well known and respected child psychologist, states, "kids do well if they can." That statement is at the core of my collective work with others and an imperative for the families who entrust us with educating their children. I've served in my current position since 2006. My career began as a middle school special educator in Hawaii and Texas, and then evolved into several years of preparing preservice teachers at Texas A&M University until moving to Vermont. Fast forward to the present, I can't ask for anything more. I own a little piece of Vermont, in a home my husband and I have been building from the ground up with our three kids who have received their foundational education here in MAUSD. I work with the most passionate and talented educators, a proud community of families that care deeply about their children, and periodically get the opportunity to instruct in teacher preparation programs.