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Please share your thoughts with the MAUSD School Board!

As we develop the budget for next school year, the MAUSD School Board is seeking valuable input from you on what should be our budget priorities. Especially considering the many challenges our schools have faced since the onset of the pandemic, it is critical that we consider how best to allocate resources in our District.

ANWSD & MAUSD Merger Study Committee Survey

Did you attend the ANWSD/MAUSD Merger Study Committee Virtual Community Event?
Were you not available to attend, but wanted to?
Your feedback is wanted and important to us! Complete this survey and let us know your thoughts.

Community Input Committee

Are you interested?

New Solutions K12 (Nate Levenson and his review team) in collaboration with the MAUSD Board are announcing the forming of a Community Input Committee, which is a component of the work MAUSD continues to do to explore proposals for our facilities.
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