MAUSD School Board Community Budget Meeting

The finance subcommittee of the MAUSD School Board invites members of the community to attend a meeting to discuss the development of the 2024/2025 MAUSD school budget.  Here, board members will provide an overview of the annual budgetary process, explain the key challenges that we are facing for the 2024/2025 budget, and present a working draft of this upcoming budget.  Following this brief presentation, community members will be invited to discuss: 1) their priorities for MAUSD (for example instructional support for students, social-emotional learning, and/or facilities) and 2) suggestions for how the 2024-2025 budget could be amended to support those priorities.  Ultimately, it is our hope that input at this early budgetary stage will enable community priorities to actively shape how we as a community allocate resources to support our students and schools.