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Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School Renovation Project 2017

Our students deserve a facility of which they can be proud. A student presenter at the 2017 Mt. Abraham commencement ceremony said they, the class of 2017, “made it” despite the fact that the building is falling apart around them.

Last fall our building showed its age when the gym floor was ruined by a water leak. This expense was considerable and created a significant disruption to the academic and extracurricular programming at Mt. Abraham. It also impacted community events scheduled in the Mt. Abraham gym and the Bristol Elementary gym. Not addressing infrastructure needs leaves us vulnerable to future emergency situations.

A remodeling of this scale comes only a couple of times a century. If we agree that Mt. Abe is in need of significant work we should act swiftly. A delay could push construction back another year resulting in potentially millions of dollars in cost increases meaning we get a lot less work done for the same amount of money.

Fifty years ago our community was presented with an opportunity to imagine the future of education and they decided, difficult as it was, to provide for the education of our children. Now is our chance to imagine education fifty years from now and do what is necessary to provide for our students and our community. The costs, both economic and educational, will continue to grow at a rate greater than our ability to afford them.