Request for Vendor Proposals

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Mount Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD) is requesting proposals from vendors to provide contracted services in the areas below for the 2019-20 school-year.

  • Independent psychoeducational evaluations

  • Occupational therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Intensive behavior support services

  • Medicaid and IEP management systems

  • Speech and language therapy services

  • Deaf and hard of hearing services

  • Transportation

Period of Contract: MAUSD will enter into written agreements through a Memorandum of Understanding from a qualified vendor for the period of July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

Proposal Acceptance Period: Proposals must be received by 4PM on or before June 1, 2019.

Service proposals must be mailed or delivered to Susan Bruhl, Director of Student Support Services, Mount Abraham Unified School District, 72 Munsill Avenue, Bristol, VT 05443 no later than June 1, 2019.

Project Summary

MAUSD is seeking proposals from qualified vendors for instructional services. Vendor selection will consider the following: price, expertise, availability, reputation, sole source, resources provided, follow up capability.

Required Specifications

  1. Description of services available to the district.

  2. Rates including details of hourly rate for direct services, consultations, indirect services (e.g., report writing), and any additional charges (e.g., mileage).

  3. Description of services, if applicable, for staff training including the number of available training per the contract timeline, duration, number of participants, and costs per training session.

  4. Assurance that the level and extent of services for each student must be approved by the LEA (or designee) prior to commencing any services.

  5. Assurance that all direct student services, if applicable, must be only as specialized as necessary to support improvement in goals directly related to the Vermont Early Learning Standards (EEE) or Common Core (students in grades K to 12).

  6. Description of indirect services (e.g., consultations, coaching, training), if applicable, and the supports through which these services 1) build capacity for services to be provided by MAUSD staff and 2) can occur in the least restrictive environment.

  7. Assurance that educational services will be determined by IEP teams and include approval from the LEA.

  8. Assurance that the vendor is acting as an independent contractor, and therefore, as such, is responsible for own insurance coverage (liability, health, dental, workers compensation insurance, etc.) payroll tax matters and will not receive compensated leave time.

  9. Assurance that the vendor complies with FERPA and HIPPA requirements.

  10. Assurance that the vendor if selected to provide services for the school year can provide the following documents, if not already on file, for the district: acceptable criminal records check; proof of liability insurance; copy of current licensure and registration; and taxpayer identification number (IRS Form W-9).

For questions, please contact Rachel Cornellier at or call (802) 453-6951.


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TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2019, 6:30 pm

Mt. Abraham Union High School Auditorium

The MOUNT ABRAHAM UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT is pleased to present Education Recognition Awards to these nominated individuals in our five-town communities who have gone “above and beyond” in contributing to the success of our youth in an educational environment and in promoting excellence in education:

Jen Allred, 

John Amory, 

Kristi Bedard, 

Jesse Brooks, 

Tom Buzzell, 

Lydia Davison, 

Michael Dennison, 

Holly Esterline, 

Jeremy Holm, 

Sheryl Kimball, 

Megan LaRose, 

Haein Lee, 

Brianna McCormick, 

Jennifer McCormick, 

Stowe Miller, 

Karen Parker, 

Yvonne Bonnie Rathbun, 

MaryPat Roche, 

Karl Rowinski, 

Terry Rublee, 

Susie Snow, 

Rebecca Stude-Price, 

Jennifer Willey.  

In addition, the Patricia Cummings Pierce Excellence in Teaching Award will be presented to a teacher from one of our schools by MAUSD and the Tari Shattuck Education Foundation.

Please join us for student musical performances, presentation of awards, and a dessert reception provided by the MAUSD Food Service Cooperative.

Double wide Trailer For Sale

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The Mount Abraham School district is selling, as is, a 24’ x 60’ double wide manufactured structure formally used as the football locker room, to the highest bidder. The structure consists of two large rooms with one bathroom separating them. The unit has a gas heating unit on each end. The siding is white vinyl clapboard, the roof is pitched and covered with asphalt shingles. The unit has steps and a wooden ramp.

The district will be responsible for disconnecting power, sewer, gas and water services. The high bidder is responsible for removing the structure after June 10, 2019 (not April 20, as previously announced).

Please submit bids in writing to Joel FitzGerald, 72 Munsill Ave, Bldg #6, Bristol, VT 05443 or by 4/1/19. 

2019 Town Meeting School Budget and Election Results

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Annual Education Recognition and Patricia Pierce Excellence in Teaching Awards Night

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TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2019, 6:30 to 8:00 PM, Mt. Abraham Union High School Auditorium

This annual event honors individuals who have made special contributions to the education of MAUSD students (Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton, Beeman, Robinson, and Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School). Please join us in nominating and recognizing deserving individuals for this year’s awards.

Education Recognition awards honor anyone whose efforts have made a special contribution to education in our five towns during this school year including, but not limited to:  school custodians, educational assistants, food service staff, tutors, coaches, teachers, counselors, nurses, bus drivers, administrators, board members, secretaries, parents, volunteers, mentors, business owners, members of community organizations; anyone who has promoted excellence in education and in any way contributed to the success of students in our schools! Anyone can make a nomination for these awards.

In addition, we will present an award in memory of longtime Bristol Elementary Teacher, Pat Pierce. This award was initiated in 1994 to be given annually to a teacher from the former Addison Northeast Supervisory Union, now the Mount Abraham Unified School District.  This award recognizes the exceptional characteristics of Pat's life—her deep commitment to children and her profession, as well as her great enthusiasm for learning and life. Any teacher, PreK-12, employed within MAUSD schools is eligible to be nominated for this special award, by another teacher from the district. This award is given with the support of the Tari Shattuck Education Foundation.

Nomination forms are available hereand will be accepted through April 1, 2019. 

Negotiations Meetings and all After School Activities Tonight CANCELED

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Due to expected hazardous travel conditions, all after school activities and meetings are cancelled for tonight, February 12, 2019. (The Mary Johnson After School programs will stay open as long as necessary until all children are picked up. Please pick up your child(ren) as soon as possible.)

Understanding the Public Comment Period of the Meeting

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Dear Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton, New Haven and Starksboro community members,

I am writing this letter to provide some clarity about our School Board meetings and the Public Comment periods. Over the past few months, community members have attended our Board Meetings and spoke during the Public Comment periods. As Board Chair, my job is to ensure the Board stays on task and completes its planned work outlined on the published agenda, and follows the Board policies in place. Our meetings are held in public session and VT Open Meeting Laws must be followed. During our monthly "business meetings" we complete the necessary business of the district. We typically have 2 opportunities for "Public Comment" at these meetings. Sometimes, during the comment period, community members share positive comments, ask questions about something they have heard about in town, and other times we hear from community members with complaints.

When an issue is brought up during public comment, the board cannot discuss and vote on it if it is not part of the publicly warned meeting agenda. We have a set agenda for the meeting, we post it and notify community members what work we will be doing at our meeting. It would be unfair to everyone to have the board take action based on a public comment without letting the community know we will discuss the issue. The board also needs time to prepare to discuss an issue, so we can't discuss issues from public comment at the same meeting.

We do not comment on any personnel or student issues in public session. When there are concerns about such matters, it is important the concerns be heard by the right people. As Board Chair, when a concern is brought to me, the first thing I recommend is working up the chain of command. For instance, if a parent has a problem with a teacher, the parent should first address it with the teacher and, if the issue is not resolved, the parent should turn to the principal or supervisor, and then the superintendent. The school board should be the "court of last resort." Many times, community members can get answers to their questions simply by talking with the appropriate person in the school district. This process allows the person closest to the problem the opportunity to work towards a solution. Our staff is always willing to listen to concerns and help find a solution.

Please know that while we will not engage in a discussion or debate based on your comments, we are eager to hear your thoughts and hope you will continue to attend our meetings in order to understand the board's oversight of our schools.

You may be wondering how the Board uses the Public Comment period? We use this period as a chance to listen to our community. We value communication that will help us serve our communities and the students in our schools. We appreciate respectful, civil comments that express the values you hold as community members.

As a Board, we have renewed our commitment to engaging the community. We are focusing on increasing community engagement events (outside of "regular business" meetings). Please consider attending a Community Engagement Event in the near future. These events will focus on conversations with our community; conversations that engage families with students, community members without students, community interest groups, as well as people who don't typically attend community gatherings or meetings. It is our goal to improve communication and create conversations with our whole community. This work will keep us connected to our community's values. Those important values inform our work, our Ends policies, and the mission and vision of our schools.

Dawn Griswold 
Mount Abraham Unified School District Chair

Negotiations Meeting and all After School Activities Tonight CANCELED

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Due to expected icy conditions, all after school activities and meetings are canceled for tonight, February 6, 2019. (The Mary Johnson After School programs will stay open as long as necessary until all children are picked up. Please pick up your child(ren) as soon as possible.)

Budget Forum and All After School Activities Canceled 1/23

posted Jan 23, 2019, 8:23 AM by Karen Wheeler

All after school activities in MAUSD are canceled today 1/23 due to anticipated unsafe travel conditions. This includes the community forum on the proposed budget for the 2019-2020 school year.  There will be an opportunity for community dialogue about the budget at the next MAUSD Board meeting at 6:00 on 1/29/19 at Monkton Central School.  Also, the Mary Johnson children's programs will remain open but parents are encouraged to pick their children up as early as possible.  

Budget Informational Meeting January 23, 2019

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Please come to Mt. Abraham large cafeteria on Wednesday, January 23 from 5:30 - 7:30pm to learn about the proposed budget for FY20. Superintendent Patrick Reen will present the draft budget, answer questions and ask for feedback and direction from the Board. 

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